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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction also popularly known as impotence is a sexual dysfunction in men. Failure in attaining and sustaining penile erection with 100 % effort is called as erectile dysfunction.

In this condition, men even fail to attain an erection when they are sexually excited or even fully aroused. More than half a million men in the United State are suffering from this condition. obesity and diabetes are mostly the causes of penile failure in older men. Erectile Dysfunction is an age-related issue. Men, when they reach the age of 40, turn 40 percent impotent, and by the time they reach the age of 70, they turn 100 % impotent. Treating Erectile Dysfunction is not difficult at a senior age but it is advisable to treat it as soon as you start facing repetitive penile failure conditions

In younger men, the causes of impotence are more on the psychological side and especially stress. Coping with the world and being in the rat race, we all have failed at our mental health. Fildena 50 is one of the best medicines that treat repetitive penile failure. This pill will help men to attain and sustain the desired erection be than at any age. Consumption of medicine should be done only after being prescribed by the doctor. One should know that penile failure or popularly known as ErectileD ysfunction is not completely curable but it can be treated with proper medication.

To prevent and reduce its risk. Adulteration in life has made it all difficult and younger people are getting detected with diseases and health issues that were meant for older people or detected in the senior age.All these things interfere with the blood. When their an improper or inadequate supply of blood in the penile region then it becomes difficult for the penileto attain an erection.

Men having diabetes issues are at higher risk. Damage caused to blood vessels by abnormal sugar levels in the blood can result in Erectile Dysfunction. Men need to get up even if they are suffering from this condition fight with it with proper medications and lead a normal and a healthy intimate life.Consulting the doctor is the best and the first step towards its treatment. Consumption of any medicine should also be limited to the extent it suits your body. Do not wait till your condition gets worse, take proper medication.